Making a home insurance claim? Five things you need to know.

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  1. Be prepared!

Nobody expects the worst to happen but are there are things you can do so if it does you are prepared. Keep, file and photograph receipts for big ticket items in your home including your TV, electronic equipment, jewellery and clothing. Keep your property in a good state of repair. Many insurance claims require you to keep your home well maintained, in particular your roof.


  1. If the worst does happen call us immediately for advice and then your insurer

It’s important that you get advice on your claim as soon as possible. Before you report the claim to your insurance company just get a second opinion about how you want to initially report and present the information. It is important to report your claim quickly to your insurer however, get a second opinion and advice so you are in control of the conversation from the start.


  1. Don’t throw away damaged or broken items

It’s perfectly normal to want to clear up after your home has been damaged but you are in fact throwing away evidence. So keep them until you have presented them to your insurer.


  1. Capture and keep it

Take as many photos and videos of the damage and the impact on your home. This is valuable evidence and in the event of a dispute will have even more importance.


  1. Do not be afraid to challenge your insurance company if you don’t agree

It can be intimidating challenging and complaining to your insurance company. Just remember their aim is to minimise your claim and the cost to themselves. They also have a responsibility to deliver all your policy entitles you too.


If you have any doubts, concerns or questions call us on 0800 054 67 67 for free advice and a second opinion.

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